Our Product Quality

We sell high-quality filters, and high-quality after-market parts for all vehicles.


We are ISO 9001:2008 and BS OHSAS
18001:2007 certified. Our quality management
system and occupation health and safety systems
standards are world class.

Our products meet customer and regulatory requirements.

We enhance customer satisfaction through processes for continual improvement.We assure conformity to customer and applicable
statutory and regulatory requirements.

Our sound engineering and manufacturing practices guarantee product quality. These practices regard conformance to requirements of the products.

The filtration products we sell undergo rigorous testing. This ensures they conform to design specification set out before. Deviations from the same are minimized. This guarantees that the final goods are well manufactured and are of reliable quality.


Unifilters Limited carries out production plans strictly in accordance with international standards and meets or exceeds international OEM quality standards. Our automated production and the latest state of the art equipment helps us to archive better production and at better quality, at the same time.

The most qualified and experienced engineers and managers help deliver the right process and production techniques. This help us to increase productivity and the quality of our goods at the same time.